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  1. Agricultural Production Commissioner and Secretary to Government, Chennai - Chairman

  2. Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Chennai - Member

  3. Principal Secretary to Government, Environment and Forest Department, Chennai - Member

  4. Secretary to Government, Animal Husbandry '- Dairying and Fisheries, Chennai -Member

  5. Secretary to Government, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Channai – Member

  6. Commissioner of Agriculture, Chepauk, Chennai – Vice-Chairman

  7. Commissioner of Horiculture and Crops,Chepauk, Chennai - Member

  8. Commissioner of Agricultural Marketing and Agri- Business Department, Guindv, Chennai – Member

  9. Commissioner of Sericultue, - Member

  10. Registrar of Co-Operative Societies, Kilpauk, Chennai – Member

  11. Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University - Member

  12. Chief Engineer, Agricultural Engineering, Nandanam, Chennai – Member

  13. Director of Research, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University - Member

  14. Director of  SAMETI, STAMIN, Kudumianmalai, Pudukkottai - Member Secretary

  15. Additional Director of Agriculture (IAMWARM), Chepauk, Chennai – Member

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