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               State Agricultural Management And Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) is the state level Institutional mechanism for extension provided under Extension Reforms Scheme for catering the training and Human Resource Development needs of Extension functionaries.



  • Providing capacity building support in Extension Management related areas to the extension functionaries form public, private non-governmental sectors.

  • Providing consultancy in the areas like project planning, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, etc.,

  • Developing and promoting application of management tools for improving the effectiveness of Agricultural Extension services.

  • Organizing need based training programmes for middle level extension functionaries. 

  • Developing modules on Management Communication, Participatory Methodologies etc., as equal to the feedback from training programmes.

  • Organizing Annual Workshop involving all the agricultural related training institutes in the state to achieve complementarily in training and capacity building for functionaries of agriculture and allied departments.

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